Happy Birthday TraumaAdoption

11/01/2009 - 00:01

Today is the first anniversary of - We'll be collection stories about adoption all month!

November - A Special Month

November is a special month. Almost exactly a year ago, I was spending evenings on my laptop putting together this site. My wife and I had the idea that we wanted to give back and contribute to the community that we are part of - the fostadopt community. We felt like there were few dedicated resources for parents of Children of Trauma to share and support one another online. I work in Web Development and this seemed to be a good way to help out. My good friends at Brownrice Internet agreed to provide hosting so over a matter of two weeks in the evenings and weekends we knocked it out.

So one reason that November is special to me is because it is the anniversary of On November 1, we will be one year old! It really doesn't seem that long.

The launch was planned for November 1. It wasn't an abitrary date. November is officially (in the United States) National Adoption Month.

Anniversaries - Joanne's Story

Joanne writes:

Two years ago, a few weeks before her 12th birthday, I was going through some of the adoption paperwork, looking for something unrelated to her birthday, and I came across the court papers from when they were originally removed from their biological home. The date jumped out at me; June 3rd.

They were removed two days before her 4th birthday. As a matter of fact, her first full day in foster care, was on her 4th birthday.

It's That Time of Year Again

This post is re-published with kind permission from Joanne at Forever Parents.

Tomorrow, June 5th, is my daughter’s 14th birthday, but we won’t be celebrating.

Let me explain….

When we adopted her, she was eight years old (We also adopted her two siblings at the same time). For the first couple of years, the week leading up to her birthday was always a time of turmoil for us. Moodiness, nastiness and sadness would fill her up and hurt anyone in her path, usually us, her family. Some years it was all I could go to even talk to her during that week….one year I threw her cake into the garbage out of total frustration and another year I cancelled her party a few days before.

Anniversaries and Regression

Anniversaries can be a painful time for fosters and adopted kids and those times are passed onto the caregivers and parents.

These can the be anniversaries of all kinds of events.

  • Birthdays
  • The day the child was removed from an abusive/neglectful home by social services
  • The placement or removal of a child from a foster situation
  • Adoption Day
  • First day of school
  • In short, any event that has significance to a child