Uniting people with common experience in fostering and the adoption of traumatized kids.

The Traumatised Adoptee

Parents who have adopted children from a traumatic background will enjoy a special place in heaven.

Foster parents are the special selfless glue that give Children of Trauma a shot at being normal.

These kids may have been taken by social services because the biological parents couldn't or wouldn't properly care for their children. Often these kids come from abusive or neglectful homes.

Parents who adopt children from agencies like social services often find themselves wondering what they have gotten themselves into and don't know where to turn for help.  It can feel like navigating a field of barbed wire.

This site aims to provide a virtual support group for this community--foster parents, adoptive parents, older kids who have been fostered or adopted, and professionals who help us take care of our kids.

Clear calm waters are our hope.  Raising healthy, well adjusted children is our goal. We know it is worth it.

Welcome to Trauma Adoption. You'll find other parents here who "get" what you're going through and can provide advice.